Cristina Cupar ”wants to be a new brand, dedicated to complex women, strong and feminine at the same time, sophisticated or simple, mysterious or extroverted. The leather goods created under this brand meet the desire for extravagance and refinement, for uniqueness, being thought of as accessories meant to give color and life to any type of clothing.

A wide range of models has been created, to ensure finding the product “paired” with the personality of the wearer and the event where it is more than an accessory. If this brand had not been called “Cristina Cupar”, it would certainly have been called “Especially for you”.

This palette is continuously expanded, because we always prepare new products, in tune with fashion trends, meeting customers with unique collections / products, customized according to everyone’s taste and requirements.

Even if we are young and at the beginning, the principle “Value does not wait for the number of years” gives us the courage to go forward and together with you to develop and become a brand that will always be close to you, at work, in holidays, special events or everyday life.

The stocks for each product are limited, composed of unique, just the desire to always come up with something new and to avoid situations where a product is “too in demand”

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